martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Rule 6 of KC Solurions: Listening and Learning

I’m wearing more than 10 years next to the several queratoconus treatments and in these years I’ve could see like these several treatments have reached such a point where they are big patches, even for those who already are initiated in the pathology, those who want to start in it and patients who are searching information on the networks or asking the professionals.

In these last years, meanwhile I was like product manager of intrastomal corneal ring segments and crosslinking in IMEX, several doctors, with new ideas in the keratoconus treatment was invited to participated in two annuals meetings .
 Analysing these last years, we realized that we have learned a lot of new things, but, at the same time, a lot of people leaved the meetings very confused.
Moreover, the optometry, increasingly present in the sector, had little present in events; maybe people didn’t assist to the congress or perhaps we didn’t have the possibility of be in contact with them.
When the Dr. Luis Cadarso invited us to do a course in his congress of keratoconus in Vigo. We asked us something innovative and interesting.
Maite del Pozo, BDM of IMEX had the brilliant idea: Why we don’t realize a extensive course in which we could speak in a simple way about the pathology, of different diagnostic equipment, of the treatments and which was the best for each case? Why we don’t invite the ophthalmologists more implement in keratoconus world?
Why we did not allow free entry to all ophthalmologists and optometrists residents?
The idea we all love it and we did not hesitate a moment to carry it out.
Idea expensive, extremely expensive, but very rewarding.
The intention was invite two coordinators of renown, hardly trained to carry out the direction of the course and have the support of young doctors and entrepreneurs, enthusiasts for keratoconus world, who could tell us everything about keratoconus with simple words optometrists .
 We put in contact with doctors like Rafael Barraquer and Ramón Ruiz Mesa, experts to coordinate events and keratoconus, to directspeakers.
Maite contacted the most interesting doctors and optometrists to the meeting, and every one of us agreed immediately.
A 3 hour course with over 10 speakers talking about pathology, topography, contact lenses, crosslinking, intrastromal rings ... when to use one technique or another
Just thinking about it, drives me crazy
Never in the sector has been a meeting like this
Sometimes, when you specialize in a subject much, forgets to listen to those who, often due to their low involvement in conferences, can make things interesting
From KC Solutions we want not. Everyone has the right to learn. Everyone has the right to explain what disturbs us ... and everyone else will hear and learn things safe. This time speakers with recognized international name along with lesser-known speakers will give their best.
If you are close to Vigo cannot miss this course. Of heart.
If you live far away, try to go anyway. We invite to assist the event.
If you do not have economic facilities, KC Solutions and IMEX raffled several trips, visits and accreditations to the conference so you can enjoy with us.
I hope you like what we are preparing. What we are doing with the most passion and transparently as possible
On behalf of all participants and members of KC Solutions.

martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Brand and Logo

One of the most important things to do when you start in a new company is the brand and Logo.
The reason is that you will never know if the name you think of will remain on the retina of consumers and if they feel themselves in connection with its meaning. Furthermore, it’s always tried to show the values of the company in a small logo.
Other problem you should find is the domain of the brand that you want to obtain. Will be free on the network?
We contacted with Dadá Publicidad to do the brand and logo. They have already worked with IMEX time ago, changing the corporative image, with brilliant scores.
I have never had the opportunity of working with them, but it was recommended me to do it.The thing is that, after known Enrique Pernía and rest of the team, the decision was quick and the results were immediate and successful.
To elaborate the brand, we did a briefing of the business model we wanted to carry out, so, which values dominated our model, which products we were developing, and overall, and the most important thing is that when I explained the pathology of keratoconus, professionals and patients lived the pathology.We studied the brand both; keratoconus sector as in common ophthalmology. We wanted to put an identifying name, so we wanted our brand reach out to all: patients and professionals.
Running circles about it, we realized it was used even more and more with the diminutive KC, both patients and professionals. From this idea was borned KC Solutions.
KC of keratoconus and Solutions because we were not going to make a single product, not only wanted to stay in it, but even we wanted to take part in a group of people that live the keratoconus , people who look for new ways of communications and share their experiences with others.We had a problem, the domain had been taken by a seller of domains, and we had to pay him for it. But fortunately, it was no so expensive.
For the logo, we based on two things: the shape of keratoconus and coma aberration, that many vision problems gives the patient. The result was this shape so original and attractive.
To explain the brand, we did a motion that told you why our company was created and the origin of logo-brand.
The truth is that we are really happy. The result was brilliant and the welcome was full of affection.
Dadá continues to work closely with KC Solutions, so they like the majority who participate in this project, have caught our enthusiasm for helping others and want to give their best by and for patients.

jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Five Rule of KC Solutions: Teaching is compulsory

I had the opportunity to participate at the XX University Forum of Juan Luis Vives in Valencia .At this Forum, which celebrates every year, its treat to awaken and motive the student concern thought several communications, both teaching professionals and professionals
This year the forum has the theme ‘The Knowledge Economy’. This is, use knowledge as fundamental element in order to generate value and wealth thought its transformation in information.
KC Solutions has had the pleasure of taking part in the second art of the course: innovation and creativity in the economy of knowledge. The organizing committee considered we are an innovative company y we met all the requirements to participate in.
I won’t deny, I always like to be in a stage. I’m love being the center of attention, I’m love being observe and improve more and more my presentations in public.
 But this presentation, specially, its ring me a bell and I dedicate several days to organize it. Firstly, the presentation takes an hour and a half (which is not short) and secondly, the gap age of public is going to be 22 years old.
The presentation, I’d like to think it, it was a success. Pupils asked about keratoconus and about the business model. They asked me about project managers, about medical industry and networks. The asked me about the speaking, in the middle and at the end. I felt like a professor, when the pupils wait in his seminar to ask him….and I liked it…so much…that I would to repeat it.
But without doubts, the most incredible of the afternoon was their faces. Their eyes shines (they didn’t know it), their looks aroused concern and wishes for changing things. And see that faces and their smiles (even laughs) hadn’t price.
Most of them don’t work in medicine, ophthalmology, neither keratoconus…but they are the future, and our work is to motivate and transmit our passion and obsession to do the things well for our projects comes to fruition and could enjoy everybody.
Like this must be KC Solutions. Teaching and transmission of knowledge to the others are and will be compulsory. We always be ready to give the best of ourselves to help who need it  to awaken the ideas of the future entrepreneurs  and innovators, like, in the conference of forum, I could see them  in the conference room ……they still don’t know it ;)

Forward with all your ideas,
You already know where we are.

KC Solutions

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012


Well, it cannot say it was a storm completely, but the wind and the sand bothered much.
To give you an idea: the screen of the mobile phone filled of sand when you take it out from your pocket. The cleaning staff and taxi driver were with a mask….Come on, a good day for walking.
José María arrived yesterday at 12 by night. José María is the founding partner of
IMEX along with Fran and Francisco. Three wild valencian assembled from scratch a company that already has more than 90 workers and it’s a leader in distribution of products such as Intralase.
José María has been one of motivated me to developed
KC Solutions and he has come to Abu Dhabi to give me support and help.

The truth is that the first day it was so good. We are happy about the scores, and today it going to be more.
 I should write yesterday this chapter of the blog, but when the congress finish, we went to celebrate it taking a beer, dining, having a drink and so on… So, just raises I write these words ;-)

The speech or Dr. Barraquer about SAANA classification has been a total success and the best is that up to the next Monday, I could upload the presentations on the web!
I tried to make a video recorder with my iPhone and I didn’t have success because I did it in vertical, but I promise you that I will record something in order you could watch the event!

Let’s go working!

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

It’s so hot….30 degrees in winter…

First day of the congress. Carry on the mules of chips; roll up, samples, briefcase, laptop…phew  

 The sift from the hotels to al Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center could be on buses that the government has set for free. Although, it’s takes 40 minutes to arrive to the congress.

Firstly, the logs aren’t open until 12 o’clock. I’ve arrived at 9 am, so I was wasting my time at café. The reason was that, officially, it couldn’t open the exhibitions area until prince Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Saud arrive to inaugurate the congress.

Anyway, after an ardour task and with the help of my friend John Franzis by

The congress has been a success and has been registered a lot of people in. It’s says there are more than 10.000 registers. The truth is that respects to industry, the stands are quite large in typical stores, but not much else

In Short, goal achieved.
Ones again, everything was under control, I was eating with el Dr. Rafael Barraquer, his sister  Dra. Helena  Barraquer and his wife, la Dra.  Marinka. It’s was amazing, because I could discover in situ, that Barraquer  had won the Barcelona bid for the 2016 World Ophthalmology Congress del 2016! Having competed with cities like London, Paris or Roma.
Upon a time we finished, the Dr. Barraquer has delivered the first of three papers on the draft KC Solutions in the congress.
We are really happy, because the room was crowded and there were a lot of questions about the project. I’m going to ask Dr. Barraquer if he led me to upload the presentations, because this fist one, for example, spoke about the operating mechanism of the segments and the pictures he had taught us have been spectacular!

After the talk, several meetings with potential doctors to join the project. One of them was special,  Dr. Hisham Hamdi, because we were very interested on his collaboration, so, he has confirmed us.

It was not so bad the day...
Now at hotel and answering several e-mails, quit and light dinner and waiting for Jose María, one of the partners co-founders of KC Solutions, who arrive tonight to help me with negotiations and talks

Tomorrow will be a better day for sure!
Avedro, I’ve managed to infiltrate before 12.

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

What’s a day…

Yesterday I arrived to Madrid and today I’ve depatured, from the terminal T4, to Qatar  transferring in Abu Dhabi.
I’m going to explain you what’s the meaning of being here these days. Really, this has a very special meaning for me.
 First of all, it’s because KC Solutions will be present, for first time, in an international congress. Secondly, because coming to Middle East, filled me with memories…
When you are starting on this, the most important thing to prepare a congress is to have a good cover letter, namely, a visiting card, technical dates, a good presentations ppt and a pair of videos.
Square meter of these kinds of events is very expensive, and you should know very clear when the best moment to invest in is.
At this time, we decided non invest having our own stand, so both of them, product and project, are growing ad because our future distributor in Middle East gave us a space to put a roll up and a table for our performances. Furthermore, what is best of all, we have provided space for two of the doctors that are participating in our project, could give talks about KC Solutions.

So this morning I was with technical dates, with prototype pieces of the new products of KC (shhhhhh…it’s still a secret) and which the roll up.
The truth is that travel was quite long, but in time (which is appreciated) and
Qatar Airwais is an enviable airline. I could enjoy watching films, documentaries and games on demand and the food are no so bad.
Arriving to Abu Dhabi (agreeing with many Spanish doctors friends) a transfer has taken me to the hotel, where I was flabbergasted.
The extravagance here is mandatory, or seems to be it, and the truth is that the hotel where I am (Jumeirah) is spectacular.
Tired (here are three hours ahead of Spain), I’m ready to go to bed, because tomorrow I have to go to the congress, prepare my chips, rull up…fighting for what we have been working a long time: a new concept and model of treating and investigating keratoconus.

Fortunately, Middle East is not new for me. I visited the majority of its countries when I was working of area manager at this zone. And the truth is that I hope meeting old friends around here.  

I close my eyes and tomorrow to work!
I hope it will be a great day!!
Perdel e Campo 

martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Congress Description: Faco Elche

Today, I afford not to speak of KC Solutions as such, but one result of that work in this project has led me to participate in one of the most important events of Europe in ophthalmology: Faco Elche, and it's creator and director, Dr. Fernando Soler.

As you know, KC Solutions is very involves with social network. The reason for this development is because of two factors: first of all, inform patients and professionals, from the beginnings, about things they can be interested in. The second one, position the company at the top of searches, even the corporate image, to be the largest number of people committed with this project to reach fruition.

Dr. Fernando Soler is a known ophthalmologist from Elche. His capacity to observe, investigate and communicate the things that take place in ophthalmology sector, globally, is brilliant.
He gives to big presentations per year, about the best you could find in ophthalmology news (The Best od the Year), and the rooms when they take place, can't squeeze anything else in. But, without doubts, he is known for the congress that take place every year in Elche, about the last ophthalmology news, specially cataract surgery.
Doctors are scrambling to participate as speakers, many surgeries are performed live, and communications are extremely dynamics and in some times controversial. Everything makes that Faco Elche becomes a must the first week of February.

This year the congress called "Faco Elche 3.0". Dr. Soler realized, more than year ago, how important was that doctors today, connect with their patients not only at queries, if not thought network. Because of that, he organized several meetings in order to discuss the issue.

In one of those meetings, I had the pleasure of co-direct one with Dr. Soler. It was sponsored by IMEX, and I had the opportunity to realise a speech of 45 minutes, which if you are interested, you could watch it below (only Spanish).
At this speech, we explain how important is medicine at social networks, and the good it is for patients and doctors.
World is becoming social, and only those who share, be honest and communicative, those will have place in the sector they want to interact.

Other important issues took place this year, it was the femtosecond laser in cataract surgery, where IMEX presented the Catalys laser by the hand of Dr. Carlos Palomino and the KXL Accelerated Crosslinking of Avedro by the hand of Dr. Ricardo Cuiña.

I tell you that the best regards from the congress has been able to wear a budge putting my name as "Speaker" that I will keep in my professional drawer of memories.
Thanks Fernando for allow me to take part at this wonderful event. Without know it, you have been part of the philosophy KC Solutions and we hope count with you the next few years.
Thanks to all the team, especially to Miriam and Felipe, for the the excellent treatment and organization.

I hope that next year KC Solutions becomes a reality so that it can be shared with you.