martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Rule 6 of KC Solurions: Listening and Learning

I’m wearing more than 10 years next to the several queratoconus treatments and in these years I’ve could see like these several treatments have reached such a point where they are big patches, even for those who already are initiated in the pathology, those who want to start in it and patients who are searching information on the networks or asking the professionals.

In these last years, meanwhile I was like product manager of intrastomal corneal ring segments and crosslinking in IMEX, several doctors, with new ideas in the keratoconus treatment was invited to participated in two annuals meetings .
 Analysing these last years, we realized that we have learned a lot of new things, but, at the same time, a lot of people leaved the meetings very confused.
Moreover, the optometry, increasingly present in the sector, had little present in events; maybe people didn’t assist to the congress or perhaps we didn’t have the possibility of be in contact with them.
When the Dr. Luis Cadarso invited us to do a course in his congress of keratoconus in Vigo. We asked us something innovative and interesting.
Maite del Pozo, BDM of IMEX had the brilliant idea: Why we don’t realize a extensive course in which we could speak in a simple way about the pathology, of different diagnostic equipment, of the treatments and which was the best for each case? Why we don’t invite the ophthalmologists more implement in keratoconus world?
Why we did not allow free entry to all ophthalmologists and optometrists residents?
The idea we all love it and we did not hesitate a moment to carry it out.
Idea expensive, extremely expensive, but very rewarding.
The intention was invite two coordinators of renown, hardly trained to carry out the direction of the course and have the support of young doctors and entrepreneurs, enthusiasts for keratoconus world, who could tell us everything about keratoconus with simple words optometrists .
 We put in contact with doctors like Rafael Barraquer and Ramón Ruiz Mesa, experts to coordinate events and keratoconus, to directspeakers.
Maite contacted the most interesting doctors and optometrists to the meeting, and every one of us agreed immediately.
A 3 hour course with over 10 speakers talking about pathology, topography, contact lenses, crosslinking, intrastromal rings ... when to use one technique or another
Just thinking about it, drives me crazy
Never in the sector has been a meeting like this
Sometimes, when you specialize in a subject much, forgets to listen to those who, often due to their low involvement in conferences, can make things interesting
From KC Solutions we want not. Everyone has the right to learn. Everyone has the right to explain what disturbs us ... and everyone else will hear and learn things safe. This time speakers with recognized international name along with lesser-known speakers will give their best.
If you are close to Vigo cannot miss this course. Of heart.
If you live far away, try to go anyway. We invite to assist the event.
If you do not have economic facilities, KC Solutions and IMEX raffled several trips, visits and accreditations to the conference so you can enjoy with us.
I hope you like what we are preparing. What we are doing with the most passion and transparently as possible
On behalf of all participants and members of KC Solutions.