miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

Web development (I)

Chris Anderson, in the August issue of Wired Magazine did a cover story that was, not only in his own magazine but in many others by the impact its cause. Something paid my attention, because it put on the vover, in very big capital letters, "The Web is dead".
The truth is that I was amused about that headline, because I was wondering myself, long ago, how our web should be.

Usually there are two major types of sites: those that are purely informative and they tend to be functional. In the first talk of the typical business pages that are intended to inform about their products, to contact them, etc..
The second kinds are those pages taht allow you to buy tickets, do paperwork done and things like that.

If you wonder yourself, the answer is not aberrant. What kind of webpage do you visited in your daily life? Do you usually go into the companies' webpage? Do you believe in the things they put into?

I only google throught the web to manage my tickets and my boarding cards, or, even, the pages of the other companies in order to learn about their progress and the truth is that they are few or simply they don't update the web (these are other big problem of the WebPages).

Wired which it came to say is that the network is changing. The preferences and uses are different than before and our time ever is smaller to dedicate to things that interest us and that mobility is that websites must adapt to this also.
Social network, blogs, applications for tablets and mobile phones are fundamental in the new era of comunication, these reasons made us to development in the virtual world of KC Solutions and its sorrounding.

Our Web should contains differentiating elements and clearly useful for both, professionals and patients.
It should be clearly functional and useful for everyone.

An that had...no seems to be far from easy in the beginning...

martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Second Rule of KC Solutions: Observation, Analysis and Excecution

I returned from Frankfurt yesterday, when I met potential partners of the project KC Solutions.
First, I had to travel from Frankfurt to Barcelona, and then, I took the Euromed train from Barcelona to Valencia. In total: 9 hours of journey.
Those hours are much...answer emails, read (I'm reading the biography of Steve Jobs), calls (thousands of them) and some time to rest, listen music and read the newspaper.

On the back cover of "La Vanguardia" there was an interview to Juncal Garrido, jeadhunter where a sentence caught my attention: "I'm 37 years old, but they do not have the years in your life, but life in your years". At these moments, I couldn't think in another thing that in my friend and colleague Sigfrid Borrás. First of all, because he is unconditional reader of "La Vanguardia" and secondlly, and the most important thing, because the years of higher learning of my working life have been and continue to be at his side.
Sigfrid, hed of unit of ophthalmology at IMEX, was the person that introduced me in ophthalmology. In fact, it was who introduced me in intrastromal corneal ring segments for keratoconus. And I could say, that during this time I have no stopped absorb their own way of doing things and his knowledge of the sector. Even, when I left IMEX (a period of 2 years), we were in contact and I attacked his opinions about decisions I had to take in Europe and Middle East. Allways prudent, his position has been to observe and take notes what ones wants to position himself, analyze it consulting with others and run it well planned and qualified.

KC Solutions wants to be like this: note that surrounds the world of keratoconus analyze the corcerns of patients and professionals. Consulting, in team, the possible courses of action and excecute it moderately and well planned. Thus we are carrying out this project, with greater accuracy and possible analysis.

Sigfrid is allways available to listen you and advise you.
Friend and great professional, thanks for being allways here.

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

First Rule of KC Solutions: Be Transparent

The analysis and the daily life of KC Solutions is not easy. One trafficking that everything is transparent and well documented it is when it is difficult to overcome gaps.

The social networks are on everyone's lips and the positive things could change, in minutes, and become negative for your product and company.

I'm amateur of social networks from years ago. It was then, when I finished in Mediphacos, a company dedicated to the manufacture of intrastromal corneal rings, in Brazil and come back to IMEX, my old company, which is specialized in the distribution of Mediphacos and Intralase among other things.
The reason I came back to IMEX, it was the stress caused by I had to travel a lot throughout Europe, Middle East and North Africa without enough maturity neither labor support to do those tracks... anyway...

So, I decided to return to Valencia and I rent a house near to my job. Usually one does not usually much contact the lessor unless you have problems...and so was, the first time I contacted Juan Pablo Giménez it was for the matters of the house.
The question is that we met each other to take a coffee and our friendship become closer immediatly.
Juan Pablo is the Search Media Company prresident. A company specialized, among other things, in positioning your website in the network.
When we agree for the first time, what should have been a coffee and farewell, ended up being a coffee, a beer and a dinner. I was fascinated for the possibilities of the social networks and Juan Pablo know a lot about that. Talked to him it was a pleasure for me, I've been able to learn a lot of things next to Juan Pablo, one of them was to know how to analyze the network and observe which are those things that people need to know. But without doubts, what I learned most was to realize, that a company today, should have "face and eyes", must be transparent and should show what you want to offer to others to make life better.

This was the starting point of KC Solutions in the social networks. Be transparent and open-minded. At next months, you could follow the progress of KC Solutions like medical industry had never been shown on the Net.

I very hope you will like it ;-)

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011


Sunday afternoon...

Today is one of these days that I decide to rest at home. When I saiy that, people usually don't trust me, because certainly I don't do it. I find myself in a exciting moment in which my thoughts about the project I lend don't stop giving me ideas, evaluate those already made and smile to see that everything in still on the right track.

Of course we find difficulties in the path, but the truth is that it is not easy to carry on a Project like that and, what it seems simply and fast at the beginning, it takes a lot of hours and effort from people that are inside this project.

From the beginning, I wanted to share the evolution of KC Solutions with all of you, and it is very gratifying to receive messages of love, greetings and appreciation for the work we are doing.

Many of you have asked us to give more information about everything that we are carrying out. This blog is to end, go into the ins and outs of KC Solutions, i.e., see those things that do not usually see about how carried out this big project.

Through the articles that are going to be published, I will try to explain as carried out the task I and my team do. You can live much closer the effort and the courage of a group of people, living by and for the solution of keratoconus pathology.

If you wish to know more, wellcome to our KC Solutions world!