miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011

Web development (I)

Chris Anderson, in the August issue of Wired Magazine did a cover story that was, not only in his own magazine but in many others by the impact its cause. Something paid my attention, because it put on the vover, in very big capital letters, "The Web is dead".
The truth is that I was amused about that headline, because I was wondering myself, long ago, how our web should be.

Usually there are two major types of sites: those that are purely informative and they tend to be functional. In the first talk of the typical business pages that are intended to inform about their products, to contact them, etc..
The second kinds are those pages taht allow you to buy tickets, do paperwork done and things like that.

If you wonder yourself, the answer is not aberrant. What kind of webpage do you visited in your daily life? Do you usually go into the companies' webpage? Do you believe in the things they put into?

I only google throught the web to manage my tickets and my boarding cards, or, even, the pages of the other companies in order to learn about their progress and the truth is that they are few or simply they don't update the web (these are other big problem of the WebPages).

Wired which it came to say is that the network is changing. The preferences and uses are different than before and our time ever is smaller to dedicate to things that interest us and that mobility is that websites must adapt to this also.
Social network, blogs, applications for tablets and mobile phones are fundamental in the new era of comunication, these reasons made us to development in the virtual world of KC Solutions and its sorrounding.

Our Web should contains differentiating elements and clearly useful for both, professionals and patients.
It should be clearly functional and useful for everyone.

An that had...no seems to be far from easy in the beginning...

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