martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Rule 3 of KC Solutions: not to give up ever

Today, let me tell you about a young member of KC Soultions, without forgetting that she is a professional and exceptional hard-worker.

Perhaps you don't know how the decision of the segments to establish a patient with keratoconus works.
There are two ways to do a surgical plan. The first option is by using nomograms, which often function in a large percentage of cases. The second is evaluating the case individually and consultation with a specialist in analysis and planning of segments.

Maite del Pozo, optometrist from Alcalá de Henares (a beautiful city in the community od Madrid), is responsible for suggesting the surgical plans at IMEX. She is responsible for investigating and analyzing all the cases that are implemented in Spain and Portugal of intrastromal segments.
She has been suggested in a year and a half more than 1.000 cases and she is evaluating and analyzing patients operated for the past three years. The aim is to improve indicated levels and the design of the segments in order to provide better predictability in KC Solutions segments that will come this year worldwide.

Maite is characterized for being persistent. She does not conform with mediocre results, always asks to see the results after interventions and tries to improve them in those cases in which the result as expected has not been obtained. She works from Monday to Sunday, because she loves helping patients with keratoconus and makes her happy to see that is giving best works.
If she not achieved a good results, her head not to walk around until she find a solution.

The doctors love her, IMEX adores her and, of course, we also. This is the clear example of what should be a member of KC Solutions.
Maite extols anything we want by and for the patient and our customers. Not to give up ever.

We have no doubt that you will help us to find the perfect solution to help all cases of keratoconus, even the most complex. Never is too late to improve ourselves.

Thank you for being with us in this project.
From the heart...

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