martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

Second Rule of KC Solutions: Observation, Analysis and Excecution

I returned from Frankfurt yesterday, when I met potential partners of the project KC Solutions.
First, I had to travel from Frankfurt to Barcelona, and then, I took the Euromed train from Barcelona to Valencia. In total: 9 hours of journey.
Those hours are much...answer emails, read (I'm reading the biography of Steve Jobs), calls (thousands of them) and some time to rest, listen music and read the newspaper.

On the back cover of "La Vanguardia" there was an interview to Juncal Garrido, jeadhunter where a sentence caught my attention: "I'm 37 years old, but they do not have the years in your life, but life in your years". At these moments, I couldn't think in another thing that in my friend and colleague Sigfrid Borrás. First of all, because he is unconditional reader of "La Vanguardia" and secondlly, and the most important thing, because the years of higher learning of my working life have been and continue to be at his side.
Sigfrid, hed of unit of ophthalmology at IMEX, was the person that introduced me in ophthalmology. In fact, it was who introduced me in intrastromal corneal ring segments for keratoconus. And I could say, that during this time I have no stopped absorb their own way of doing things and his knowledge of the sector. Even, when I left IMEX (a period of 2 years), we were in contact and I attacked his opinions about decisions I had to take in Europe and Middle East. Allways prudent, his position has been to observe and take notes what ones wants to position himself, analyze it consulting with others and run it well planned and qualified.

KC Solutions wants to be like this: note that surrounds the world of keratoconus analyze the corcerns of patients and professionals. Consulting, in team, the possible courses of action and excecute it moderately and well planned. Thus we are carrying out this project, with greater accuracy and possible analysis.

Sigfrid is allways available to listen you and advise you.
Friend and great professional, thanks for being allways here.

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