martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011


Sunday afternoon...

Today is one of these days that I decide to rest at home. When I saiy that, people usually don't trust me, because certainly I don't do it. I find myself in a exciting moment in which my thoughts about the project I lend don't stop giving me ideas, evaluate those already made and smile to see that everything in still on the right track.

Of course we find difficulties in the path, but the truth is that it is not easy to carry on a Project like that and, what it seems simply and fast at the beginning, it takes a lot of hours and effort from people that are inside this project.

From the beginning, I wanted to share the evolution of KC Solutions with all of you, and it is very gratifying to receive messages of love, greetings and appreciation for the work we are doing.

Many of you have asked us to give more information about everything that we are carrying out. This blog is to end, go into the ins and outs of KC Solutions, i.e., see those things that do not usually see about how carried out this big project.

Through the articles that are going to be published, I will try to explain as carried out the task I and my team do. You can live much closer the effort and the courage of a group of people, living by and for the solution of keratoconus pathology.

If you wish to know more, wellcome to our KC Solutions world!


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