martes, 20 de marzo de 2012

Brand and Logo

One of the most important things to do when you start in a new company is the brand and Logo.
The reason is that you will never know if the name you think of will remain on the retina of consumers and if they feel themselves in connection with its meaning. Furthermore, it’s always tried to show the values of the company in a small logo.
Other problem you should find is the domain of the brand that you want to obtain. Will be free on the network?
We contacted with Dadá Publicidad to do the brand and logo. They have already worked with IMEX time ago, changing the corporative image, with brilliant scores.
I have never had the opportunity of working with them, but it was recommended me to do it.The thing is that, after known Enrique Pernía and rest of the team, the decision was quick and the results were immediate and successful.
To elaborate the brand, we did a briefing of the business model we wanted to carry out, so, which values dominated our model, which products we were developing, and overall, and the most important thing is that when I explained the pathology of keratoconus, professionals and patients lived the pathology.We studied the brand both; keratoconus sector as in common ophthalmology. We wanted to put an identifying name, so we wanted our brand reach out to all: patients and professionals.
Running circles about it, we realized it was used even more and more with the diminutive KC, both patients and professionals. From this idea was borned KC Solutions.
KC of keratoconus and Solutions because we were not going to make a single product, not only wanted to stay in it, but even we wanted to take part in a group of people that live the keratoconus , people who look for new ways of communications and share their experiences with others.We had a problem, the domain had been taken by a seller of domains, and we had to pay him for it. But fortunately, it was no so expensive.
For the logo, we based on two things: the shape of keratoconus and coma aberration, that many vision problems gives the patient. The result was this shape so original and attractive.
To explain the brand, we did a motion that told you why our company was created and the origin of logo-brand.
The truth is that we are really happy. The result was brilliant and the welcome was full of affection.
Dadá continues to work closely with KC Solutions, so they like the majority who participate in this project, have caught our enthusiasm for helping others and want to give their best by and for patients.

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