jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

Five Rule of KC Solutions: Teaching is compulsory

I had the opportunity to participate at the XX University Forum of Juan Luis Vives in Valencia .At this Forum, which celebrates every year, its treat to awaken and motive the student concern thought several communications, both teaching professionals and professionals
This year the forum has the theme ‘The Knowledge Economy’. This is, use knowledge as fundamental element in order to generate value and wealth thought its transformation in information.
KC Solutions has had the pleasure of taking part in the second art of the course: innovation and creativity in the economy of knowledge. The organizing committee considered we are an innovative company y we met all the requirements to participate in.
I won’t deny, I always like to be in a stage. I’m love being the center of attention, I’m love being observe and improve more and more my presentations in public.
 But this presentation, specially, its ring me a bell and I dedicate several days to organize it. Firstly, the presentation takes an hour and a half (which is not short) and secondly, the gap age of public is going to be 22 years old.
The presentation, I’d like to think it, it was a success. Pupils asked about keratoconus and about the business model. They asked me about project managers, about medical industry and networks. The asked me about the speaking, in the middle and at the end. I felt like a professor, when the pupils wait in his seminar to ask him….and I liked it…so much…that I would to repeat it.
But without doubts, the most incredible of the afternoon was their faces. Their eyes shines (they didn’t know it), their looks aroused concern and wishes for changing things. And see that faces and their smiles (even laughs) hadn’t price.
Most of them don’t work in medicine, ophthalmology, neither keratoconus…but they are the future, and our work is to motivate and transmit our passion and obsession to do the things well for our projects comes to fruition and could enjoy everybody.
Like this must be KC Solutions. Teaching and transmission of knowledge to the others are and will be compulsory. We always be ready to give the best of ourselves to help who need it  to awaken the ideas of the future entrepreneurs  and innovators, like, in the conference of forum, I could see them  in the conference room ……they still don’t know it ;)

Forward with all your ideas,
You already know where we are.

KC Solutions

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