martes, 21 de febrero de 2012


Well, it cannot say it was a storm completely, but the wind and the sand bothered much.
To give you an idea: the screen of the mobile phone filled of sand when you take it out from your pocket. The cleaning staff and taxi driver were with a mask….Come on, a good day for walking.
José María arrived yesterday at 12 by night. José María is the founding partner of
IMEX along with Fran and Francisco. Three wild valencian assembled from scratch a company that already has more than 90 workers and it’s a leader in distribution of products such as Intralase.
José María has been one of motivated me to developed
KC Solutions and he has come to Abu Dhabi to give me support and help.

The truth is that the first day it was so good. We are happy about the scores, and today it going to be more.
 I should write yesterday this chapter of the blog, but when the congress finish, we went to celebrate it taking a beer, dining, having a drink and so on… So, just raises I write these words ;-)

The speech or Dr. Barraquer about SAANA classification has been a total success and the best is that up to the next Monday, I could upload the presentations on the web!
I tried to make a video recorder with my iPhone and I didn’t have success because I did it in vertical, but I promise you that I will record something in order you could watch the event!

Let’s go working!

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