jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

What’s a day…

Yesterday I arrived to Madrid and today I’ve depatured, from the terminal T4, to Qatar  transferring in Abu Dhabi.
I’m going to explain you what’s the meaning of being here these days. Really, this has a very special meaning for me.
 First of all, it’s because KC Solutions will be present, for first time, in an international congress. Secondly, because coming to Middle East, filled me with memories…
When you are starting on this, the most important thing to prepare a congress is to have a good cover letter, namely, a visiting card, technical dates, a good presentations ppt and a pair of videos.
Square meter of these kinds of events is very expensive, and you should know very clear when the best moment to invest in is.
At this time, we decided non invest having our own stand, so both of them, product and project, are growing ad because our future distributor in Middle East gave us a space to put a roll up and a table for our performances. Furthermore, what is best of all, we have provided space for two of the doctors that are participating in our project, could give talks about KC Solutions.

So this morning I was with technical dates, with prototype pieces of the new products of KC (shhhhhh…it’s still a secret) and which the roll up.
The truth is that travel was quite long, but in time (which is appreciated) and
Qatar Airwais is an enviable airline. I could enjoy watching films, documentaries and games on demand and the food are no so bad.
Arriving to Abu Dhabi (agreeing with many Spanish doctors friends) a transfer has taken me to the hotel, where I was flabbergasted.
The extravagance here is mandatory, or seems to be it, and the truth is that the hotel where I am (Jumeirah) is spectacular.
Tired (here are three hours ahead of Spain), I’m ready to go to bed, because tomorrow I have to go to the congress, prepare my chips, rull up…fighting for what we have been working a long time: a new concept and model of treating and investigating keratoconus.

Fortunately, Middle East is not new for me. I visited the majority of its countries when I was working of area manager at this zone. And the truth is that I hope meeting old friends around here.  

I close my eyes and tomorrow to work!
I hope it will be a great day!!
Perdel e Campo 

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