martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Congress Description: Faco Elche

Today, I afford not to speak of KC Solutions as such, but one result of that work in this project has led me to participate in one of the most important events of Europe in ophthalmology: Faco Elche, and it's creator and director, Dr. Fernando Soler.

As you know, KC Solutions is very involves with social network. The reason for this development is because of two factors: first of all, inform patients and professionals, from the beginnings, about things they can be interested in. The second one, position the company at the top of searches, even the corporate image, to be the largest number of people committed with this project to reach fruition.

Dr. Fernando Soler is a known ophthalmologist from Elche. His capacity to observe, investigate and communicate the things that take place in ophthalmology sector, globally, is brilliant.
He gives to big presentations per year, about the best you could find in ophthalmology news (The Best od the Year), and the rooms when they take place, can't squeeze anything else in. But, without doubts, he is known for the congress that take place every year in Elche, about the last ophthalmology news, specially cataract surgery.
Doctors are scrambling to participate as speakers, many surgeries are performed live, and communications are extremely dynamics and in some times controversial. Everything makes that Faco Elche becomes a must the first week of February.

This year the congress called "Faco Elche 3.0". Dr. Soler realized, more than year ago, how important was that doctors today, connect with their patients not only at queries, if not thought network. Because of that, he organized several meetings in order to discuss the issue.

In one of those meetings, I had the pleasure of co-direct one with Dr. Soler. It was sponsored by IMEX, and I had the opportunity to realise a speech of 45 minutes, which if you are interested, you could watch it below (only Spanish).
At this speech, we explain how important is medicine at social networks, and the good it is for patients and doctors.
World is becoming social, and only those who share, be honest and communicative, those will have place in the sector they want to interact.

Other important issues took place this year, it was the femtosecond laser in cataract surgery, where IMEX presented the Catalys laser by the hand of Dr. Carlos Palomino and the KXL Accelerated Crosslinking of Avedro by the hand of Dr. Ricardo Cuiña.

I tell you that the best regards from the congress has been able to wear a budge putting my name as "Speaker" that I will keep in my professional drawer of memories.
Thanks Fernando for allow me to take part at this wonderful event. Without know it, you have been part of the philosophy KC Solutions and we hope count with you the next few years.
Thanks to all the team, especially to Miriam and Felipe, for the the excellent treatment and organization.

I hope that next year KC Solutions becomes a reality so that it can be shared with you.

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