viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

It’s so hot….30 degrees in winter…

First day of the congress. Carry on the mules of chips; roll up, samples, briefcase, laptop…phew  

 The sift from the hotels to al Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Center could be on buses that the government has set for free. Although, it’s takes 40 minutes to arrive to the congress.

Firstly, the logs aren’t open until 12 o’clock. I’ve arrived at 9 am, so I was wasting my time at café. The reason was that, officially, it couldn’t open the exhibitions area until prince Abdulaziz Ahmad Abdulaziz Al Saud arrive to inaugurate the congress.

Anyway, after an ardour task and with the help of my friend John Franzis by

The congress has been a success and has been registered a lot of people in. It’s says there are more than 10.000 registers. The truth is that respects to industry, the stands are quite large in typical stores, but not much else

In Short, goal achieved.
Ones again, everything was under control, I was eating with el Dr. Rafael Barraquer, his sister  Dra. Helena  Barraquer and his wife, la Dra.  Marinka. It’s was amazing, because I could discover in situ, that Barraquer  had won the Barcelona bid for the 2016 World Ophthalmology Congress del 2016! Having competed with cities like London, Paris or Roma.
Upon a time we finished, the Dr. Barraquer has delivered the first of three papers on the draft KC Solutions in the congress.
We are really happy, because the room was crowded and there were a lot of questions about the project. I’m going to ask Dr. Barraquer if he led me to upload the presentations, because this fist one, for example, spoke about the operating mechanism of the segments and the pictures he had taught us have been spectacular!

After the talk, several meetings with potential doctors to join the project. One of them was special,  Dr. Hisham Hamdi, because we were very interested on his collaboration, so, he has confirmed us.

It was not so bad the day...
Now at hotel and answering several e-mails, quit and light dinner and waiting for Jose María, one of the partners co-founders of KC Solutions, who arrive tonight to help me with negotiations and talks

Tomorrow will be a better day for sure!
Avedro, I’ve managed to infiltrate before 12.

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